Robotic Welding Systems.

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Here Robot is used to weld (Joint) the Irregular shape shell, Size of Shell is 1 to 4 meter length x 2 meter Diameter and 6000 kg in Weight.
Shell is holding in between Head stock and Tail Stock ,clamping by Three Jaw self centering chuck and Four Jaw manual chuck. Tail stock can be move in linear track by motor according to Shell length.
Robot having six servo axis, 7thservo Axis for Linear movement of Vertical column and 8thservo axis is for rotating the Shell , and another servo axis used for rotating the cantilever frame while loading and unloading the component by external PLC based control.
Remaining 7thand 8thexternal axis are controlled by robot program.
Also in this welding system for tracking the welding bath, Seam Tracking camera is used, Camera senses the welding bath and control the robot, so that welding will done in predefined path.