Providing flat transmission design, in addition to reducing the machine configuration space planning problems, and to run continuously, not run due to intermittent influence chain tension relaxation; In another front chain bar positioning mechanism to ensure accurate positioning of the corner pocket.

Magazine Specification 40# 50#
Tool Specification BT/CAT/DIN/ISO/HSK A 系列/HSK E 系列
Tool loading capacity 32/40
Max. tool length 350mm 400mm
Max. tool diameter full tool φ75mm φ125mm
Max. tool weight 8kg 16kg
Tool indexing time 0.7sec/50HZ ; 0.6sec/60HZ 1sec/50HZ ; 0.9sec/60HZ
Tool change time
(Excluding tool clamp or unclamp time)
1.6sec/50HZ ; 1.3sec/60HZ 3.6sec/50HZ ; 3sec/60HZ
Tool selection Shortest route tool selection
Driving voltage 3φ 220V/380V
Air source pressure 5kg/cm2
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Drum Type Tool Magazine

  • High-precision lightweight camming mechanism to reduce tde load on tde machine structure.
  • Doubles buffer function on clamping, effectively enhances tde spindle life.
  • T to T tool time up to 1.3 seconds (including spindle clamp and unclamp time is 0.5 seconds).
  • Special tool pocket design, effectively reduces chips sticking; convenient and fast assembly.
Magazine Specifications 30#
Tool Specifications BT/CAT/DIN/ISO/HSK A系列/HSK E系列
Tool loading capacity 16/20/24/30/32
Max. tool length 250mm
Max. tool diameter full tool Ø70mm(16T) / Ø55mm(20T) / Ø60mm(24T) / Ø60mm(30T) /  Ø55mm(32T)
Max tool weight 3kg
ATC rotation time 
 (Excluding tool clamp or unclamp time)
 1sec/50HZ ; 0.84sec/60HZ
Tool selection Shortest route tool selection
Tool indexing time  0.7sec/50HZ ; 0.6sec/60HZ
Driving voltage 3Ø 200V / 380V
Air source pressure 5kg/cm²

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Tapping Machining Center


  • Small size, light weight, small tool diameter and convenient warranty.
  • One-piece tool holder - high precision, fast assembly and replacement.
Magazine Specification 30
Tool Specification BT
Tool loading capacity 16/21
Max. tool lengtd 250mm
Max. tool diameter Ø80mm
Max. tool weight 3kg
Max. offset loading capacity of  magazine 15kg
Max. loading capacity of magazine 35kg
single tool divisional Time 0.4sec/50HZ : 0.35sec/60HZ
Driving voltage 3Ø 220V / 380V

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