About Us

Drupe is a company with a dream for worldwide operations including sales and service network with a high standard product quality and delivery. The country is witnessing rapid advance in new millennium in various fields. The development in mechatronics field stands out for transforming the pace of industry from the dumped technology to next century.

Automation Solutions for Demanding Conditions

The demand of mechatronics products in the country thus growing at rapid pace. To contribute to the industry, DRUPE stepped in to provide local manufacturing. With assembly base, Local Service and High quality are made with indigenous manufacturing facilities, up to international standards at affordable prices which is the hallmark of our company. Drupe tends to become an influential world player in development, design and use of linear axis, gantry and Robotic solutions for factory automation and Foundry Machineries.

Basic Information

Nature of Business manufacturer
Year of Establishment 1992
Office Address B29/2, MIDC, Taloja, Dist- Raigad, Navi Mumbai - 410208
Mail Id sales1@drupeengg.com/sales@drupeengg.com
Contact us 022 - 71512150 /+91 9545924594

In House Facility

Sr.No. Machine Details Make Controller Table
1 CNC Vertical Machining Centre Kitamura Mitsubhishi 762 x 380
2 Plano Miller Retrofitted By Drupe Fanuc 5385 x 1070
3 Plano Miller Retrofitted By Drupe Mitsubhishi 1200 x 4000
4 Drill Tap Centre Retrofitted By Drupe Fanuc 1950 x 300
5 Universal Milling Machine Nigata 2000 x 300
6 Vertical Milling Hitachi 1350 x 310
7 Vertical Milling HMT 2000 x 350
8 Surface Grinder Horizontal Hitachi 1600 x 500
9 Rotary Grinder Horizontal Camut 300 x 1200
10 CNC Lathe -KNC -2DF Kitamura
11 CNC Lathe QT-28U Mazak Mazatrol
12 Radial Drilling Machine 440 x 820
13 Tig Welding Machine Fronius 200 Apm
14 Mig Welding Machine Panasonic 400 Apm
15 Cranes 3 , 5 & 12 Tons

Dedicated Design Team

  • we have in house dedicated design team for mechanical design
  • SPM, Automation,Machines Design Etc.
  • Solid works & Autocad Stations
  • Weld simulation, torch approach study, Robot reach study.

Manufacturing Facility

  • Along with vendor base, we have in house manufacturing facility.

  • PlannoMiller,Kitamura CNC vertical Machine,HMT Vertical Milling, Drilling, Lathes, Welding, etc.

Project Management

  • Program management team to track the project activities.

  • Well trained assembly fitters & supervisors.

Dedicated Programming Team

  • We have in house dedicated PLC programming team, can handle any make PLC, servo motion controls.

  • Vision system programming, traceability system & integrations.